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Lirik Lagu Suzy Berjudul Cape, Pakai Full Bahasa Inggris

- Kamis, 6 Oktober 2022 | 16:49 WIB
Suzy Cape
Suzy Cape

Halllyuvibe - Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu Cape yang dinyanyikan oleh Suzy. Lagu Cape ini ternyata dinyanyikan full dalam bahasa inggris. Lagu Cape adalah salah satu digital single yang dirilis oleh Suzy.

When the rain is pouring,
then your face crosses my mind.

Remember that night?

At times, I could hurt you.
I'm in the vase, like a rose with thorns.

When you're blue,
your shadow is with you.
And l'll say,
“I'll be by your side”

I'll be there.
I'll hug you when you need,
when you're depressed,
when you're holding on to me.

I may not be enough to be all you need still.
Through the wind and rain
I'm where I want to be. By your side

When you are at your low,
I'll keep my pace with you.

Even if I'm hurt,
Even if I'm lost,
Even when I burst out crying,
I'll love you.

Let my lips caress your crown.
Let my arms be your cape.
Nothing can harm you here.

There's nothing left to hide.
The timeless nights drinking
as lots of bottles of secrets emptied and spilled.


Editor: M Fahmi Alby

Sumber: Naver



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