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- Minggu, 27 November 2022 | 12:00 WIB
Lirik lagu Virus - VICTON (Lirik lagu Virus - VICTON/source : Naver)
Lirik lagu Virus - VICTON (Lirik lagu Virus - VICTON/source : Naver)


Lyrics 황유빈, 도한세(빅톤)
Composer 탁(TAK), Adrian Mckinnon
Arranger 탁(TAK)

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Now is about time, between the second hand of sleep
More urgently, you, Chase
If I miss you at this moment,
I'm going to die every day I live

You're the most brilliant tragedy in the world
Under the diamond sky
It's so bright and makes me blind
Baby you're my beautiful nightmare

I can go Even if it hurts, it'll be you
My choice is always "Love like virus
I'm leaving you every second
I can't breathe Love like virus

My all day, all the future remains
I'll use it all for you
Baby say yes Every moment is for me
It's time to love you, love like virus

Rollin' Flip that
Okay put it in the corner

Now we gon' hop on the freaky rhythm
Go with the flow in a short time
As if I'm possessed, I feel lost No reason
Just show me your love


Editor: Risca Fitria

Sumber: Naver


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