Ini Dia Lirik Lagu Terbaru NCT 127 - Skyscraper dalam English Translate!

- Selasa, 31 Januari 2023 | 12:15 WIB
Lirik lagu NCT 127 - Skyscraper (Source : Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127)
Lirik lagu NCT 127 - Skyscraper (Source : Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127)

NCT 127 comeback dengan album baru!

Bertajuk Ay-Yo The 4th Album Repackage, album ini berisikan 15 lagu.

Salah satunya adalah Skyscraper dimana Taeyong dan Mark ikut berpartisipasi dalam lirik dan komposisi lagu.

Ini dia lirik lagunya dalam versi English! 

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Written by Ellie Suh(153/Joombas), TAEYONG, MARK
Composed by Dwayne "Dem Jointz" Abernathy Jr., Young Chance, Xydo (sido), TAEYONG, MARK
Arranged by Dwayne "Dem Jointz" Abernathy Jr.

Strike while the iron's hot
Spot where the loopholes
Without missing anything Shot
To the next we step on what
Suddenly, I stop and watch
Look back.
Too much notice closed it
Border that wakes you up a long time ago
Roll up the curtain that was down.

Elevate, soar higher, higher
Level은 One two seven floor
Let's run away yeah
let's run away ah
I can tell you what you want
I can do just what you don't
Take you up a higher notch
It doesn't mean anything.

Let's play fresh. Lie down, clouds.
Run, go like Near-Dowoon
Like dancing Fly with my crew
Inside the sky garden, neon green you
Ah, it's like Mureungdowon. Our tour right
If you don't mind, I'll do it all day.
You got it got it got
got it got it yeah
What you gon' do now

What you gon' do
when I pull up in a chopper
I go nonstop
scrape up every hater stack
King Kong on a Skyscraper
too much to fit
in one hand to finish in one life
My dream covers the sky
ay the sun don't come up uh uh

I've reached the top floor of my long-cherished dream.
Okay go get hold of me tight
Harder harder

Step up break the roof roof
with my with my whole crew
Up to the end of the sky Level up level up
Racin' with the clouds.
Scrapers stretched out as hard as they could
We don't know the end Level up level up
(Level up level up you)
Higher Scapeour name
Endlessly fly away
Way up high Shout out further
We got up higher than you see
Holler holler

Count the 1 2 3
then I'm gonna make you free

Walking through the forest of Animals skyscrapers
Like it all, every day is Carnival
I'm already in the asphalt jungle.
Turn up hold on to the ropes
Like I'm the Spidey there we go
I'm walking around the city to you
Where we go here we go
we go 위로 Soarin' soarin' up
We gon' take it to the top
Above the city shining with building stars
the highest point of the climb
I'll show you a far-flung view.


Editor: Risca Fitria

Sumber: Naver


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